• thatunheardpoetess 24w


    What the hell was puberty doing at their time?
    I don't know why they are calling it a crime.
    Thoughts of those gossiping aunties will suffice to make her cry.
    Oh I see why she is this much shy!
    Those relatives suggested those so-called white creams to make her fair.
    I don't know why they did this much care.
    That kid taunted by calling her "The lady pregnant".
    I don't know why their thoughts are this much stagnant.
    Those little peeps poked at her by calling her a buffalo.
    Oh! so really do have to teach them "what's a buffalo and what's a fellow?"
    Please stop body shaming cause it's of no meaning.
    (Please respect these differences 'coz it's the only thing which is required to prevent scrimmages).