• bhumikabhatia 32w

    LIFE and Hope

    It is the cause for our lives to pause.
    I sit and think,
    How our lives changed in a blink.
    Admidst all,
    Is this a wake up call?
    I have seen people searching for breath,
    That's how painful they got their death.
    There is a que even for cremation,
    It is what we are passing to our future generation?
    The air now is been sold,
    At the prices of gold.
    Wait...that is not as a child I was told.
    But the love of god is greater far,
    Which will heal our every scar.
    Life can seem an endless maze,
    The twist and turns, lulls and delays..
    But things always fall into place..❤
    Confidence, love ,strength and laughter from within..
    This is what I wish you,
    For u all will grow and win..❤