• pa_luck 8w

    How do you describe,
    Belonging to someone as !


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    I Have You

    A velcro venture pricking
    and sticking the same roots
    shutting the screams on laying.

    A zipper locking into bridges
    sitting on cross legged chains
    jutting the jittery jargons.

    A bandage on field of fiddle
    clapping the oppositions chest
    ironing the dead space of dirt.

    A tape turned and twisted
    into a climber on crawl
    surrounded by something taut.

    A buttoned hole hooked
    tucked into sheets on show
    a perfect projection of premise.

    A grip on ground of battles
    tagging the javelin on throw
    while the digging dwells deeper.

    A gum ball on fabric wall
    badging a bribe for resting
    for the rest of its perpetuity.