• justanerdysoul 83w

    Walking alone ,on a path so lonely
    Not a soul beside me
    Thoughts buzzing in my head
    Thinking of what could be

    Why is everything so heavy?
    Duties and burdens weighing
    Me down, drooping shoulders.
    For some relief, I am praying.

    The world puts it's hopes
    And wishes on my shoulders
    It feels like they are
    made of boulders.

    They are voices inside my head
    Telling me to give up
    To let go, of all expectations
    Spilling the truth off my overfilled cup.

    Chains of dreams , hopes and wishes
    Holding me back
    A tiny spark of hope , unextinguished
    Withstanding their attack.

    But how long will it stay?
    How long will I fight?
    This endless war between
    my demons and the light.

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    The war