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    She didn't see me.
    But I saw her sitting there.
    While her lips were busy sporting a smile.
    The smile which ones brightened my dark sky.
    She looked breath-taking as always.
    Calm and Poised.
    She still has that special grip on me.
    That made my knees buckled.
    But at the same time calmed all my nerves.
    I wanted to go there, have a talk
    Or silently steal a kiss from that juicy lips..
    But my words ,my instinct failed me.
    Before I took any step
    I picked my coffee and turned towards exit
    Leaving my glorious past along with my heart behind me...

    I felt him before I see him.
    Tingles all over my body.
    Simply that brought a smile on my face.
    He sat there, sipping his black coffee as always.
    He looked alluring.
    At the same time Cool and Controlled.
    Ohh! How much I envied him for that.
    His burning stare made my heartbeats fasten.
    God knows how hard I tried to control myself
    against the urge to run straight to his arms and
    find my solace.
    But before I talked to myself to do so
    He left, just like before, leaving me behind
    tears running down but reminding me
    How weak-shelved I'm against him...

    Unknown to both a story stops there because two soul decided that wasn't worth fighting for...

    #lovehurts #pain #longing #hurting #breakup
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    (n.) Destroyed In Love...