• maple_ 37w

    Was it the cold winter Cafe,
    where your eyes
    followed my rants
    on the beats of your fingers
    tapping the edge of a coffee cup
    Or the warmer kitchen corner,
    where veins on your wrist
    setting trails to your chest
    carved love poems along the way
    I read like the one
    fiddling her fingers on brail,
    where did I fall in love ?

    Was it the daisies bathed
    in morning dew
    you settled behind my ear
    Or the apricot evening skies
    where your perfect hazel eyes
    were absorbed in musings
    I wished to hear,
    when did I fall in love ?

    Now the cup laid tilted on the bed
    with coffee half dried,
    making its way to
    the soft fabric I touch-
    -these talented rhymes
    that resided on your knuckles
    you engraved in these
    wrinkled sheets last night
    looking at you, honey
    how did I fall in love ?



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