• nifty_esther 34w


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    You light at night
    Where loneliness hold me tight
    Your timing is right
    At night you don't leave my sight
    To me you shine bright
    You give me a great delight
    If you were a man,you would be my knight

    I really love moon
    It is all I need in a friend
    Sun defeats you at noon
    But in darkness we spend

    You were here before I was born
    You are well known
    I feel like,you are what I own
    For the love you have shown
    You are the reason I don't like dawn
    Because I know you will be gone

    I feel jealous of stars
    Maybe because we are far
    I don't want you to be a blur
    I want to be so close,to see how beautiful you are
    Are u hard or soft as fur?