• elusive_me 51w

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    I inhale and I feel the presence
    Leftover molecules of your fragrance.
    Everyday I collect traces of your smile
    which used to make my heart go wild.
    I feel so lonely without you,
    as if I am in exile.
    You entered my life like a storm.
    Caught in the winds of your charm,
    I did not notice the alarm.
    And now I lay shattered
    my emotions all scattered.
    Hopelessness is my wife
    I don't know how to rebuild my life.
    The sunsets used to entice
    but now I am numb.
    Sunrises made me happy
    but now I just hate them.
    Falling in love is like flowing with breeze
    But failing in love is like a disease.
    The memories make you insane.
    Most of the time you are in pain.
    But a day will come
    when I will overpower.
    and I will take a hot shower.
    I will open a new door.
    The pain that I bore
    I can love no one anymore....

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