• jaya___ 12w

    //Labelled as a treacherous slut
    Disabled to defend, so badly it hurt.
    Reasons were my cleavage and exposed thighs
    Seasons since changed but my soul daily dies.
    Nobody sees my intellect but only my body
    Ready with a label saying sexy or shoddy.
    Dressed when I go in a long long skirt
    Blessed again I am with their lurking lecherous lust.
    It is not my attire that makes me a soft target
    Fit is a woman to taint and her prowess you forget.
    When a baby is raped and so is an octogenarian
    Then shamed is a Nation failing all that's humanitarian.//

    Hello friends!

    As weekend knocks our door, let's welcome it with this challenge!

    This week write a Caryotte poem.

    The Caryotte is:
    ○ a 12 line poem, made up of 6 couplets.
    ○ composed with head and tail rhyme in each couplet.
    Happy writing mates!!! ����

    Use hashtag #contest_j and tag your Friends!

    PS. As u all know I'm not a sucker for rules...just participate and have fun

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