• sandradaily 45w


    Give me a book, a book with guides.....
    Lend me a book I want to know the rules of my situationship....... At what point is one allowed to cry.... Explain to me for how long is my anger allowed to go on for..... Is it alright if I'm still mad for a week... Expound for me please at what point do I say enough is enough?? You see this is not a long life commitment instead it's a pact that has an expiration date..... I signed up for the finality of this contract but at what clause did emotions and feelings allowed to have a place in me?...... At what point did I loose sight of the real meaning of my situation?
    Nobody gave me the rule books so.... do I get a pass because of that? Surely there must be a leeway.... If I did get a book... Maybe then my feelings would not be entangled in this temporary fix...... Maybe then I'd have read the blab??just saying