• maoahi 5w

    You said you'll have to leave
    You've done it all in past, that was indirectly
    N spent yourself in between
    Oh Darling, that's all right
    Don't worry, she's scary
    Pulling hard on strings to carry
    When I came to know
    I hoped it's you who is ready
    And bluffers aren't able to change
    At least I'm with myself again, instead of
    Somewhere around you
    Oh for me it doesn't make difference
    N don't have my phone with me
    I get it, this is nonsense
    But I'll try my luck with you
    This night is on our side
    Oh I'm your once in a lifetime
    Trust me, this is not the beginning
    Oh, Oh
    Let's see how much we get without giving
    She's hoping hopelessly to give herself a chance
    It's not gonna be working
    I know, that it's depressing
    The hints weren't formed fully n they're sent
    It happens in installments for half a night
    N then, I'm sorry that I left
    Cause you couldn't leave your ex-things