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    A feather in a diary old
    Long ago i had to enfold.
    The emotions I couldn't hold.
    It was lying under a tree
    You picked it up and gave it to me.
    "If I am forever gone,
    then it will help you to move on".
    Destiny slapped me hard.
    You were laid to rest in a graveyard.
    I was torn apart.
    Then that feather came flying
    to me from nowhere.
    It gave me goosebumps and scare.
    So I hid it in a diary and left it there.
    After few autumns
    when some pain left like withering leaves.
    And my body accumulated some warmth
    to withhold winters.
    I felt as if you touched me softly.
    I couldn't control and ran abruptly
    With trembling hands I held the same diary
    I looked at the feather
    A sudden change in weather
    Thunder struck my heart.
    With teary eyes I relived again our story.
    As I touched my face with it.
    It felt as if you gave a kiss.
    Now I write about you to fill
    my heart that was once stark.
    Love letters.....
    And that feather is my bookmark.

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    Through the feather
    I could see your smiling face.
    When I run it over my skin
    It feels as if you still trace
    my skin.
    I feel elated from within.
    Though you are not
    with me anymore.
    I dip it's tip in my love
    and write poetries for you
    on my heart's floor.