• jun___ 70w

    My eye's said don't cry,
    we can't bear much,
    They said, we are all dry now,
    There's nothing inside us,
    They said,
    Now, blood is the only answer,
    Which will come out ,
    There's no tear left inside us,
    My eye's said , don't cry ,
    I am out of stock.

    I felt the pain,
    And they cried,
    I fall , and they cried,
    I was hurt,
    And they cried.

    I found out today,
    That I am too selfish,
    Because I never tried to give them some relief,
    Everytime, I felt the pain,
    I wanted them to cry.

    Now they are out of stock,
    And i just cry dry,

    Now I just cry dry.....

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    Tears, out of stock