• shafiya_kul 6w

    I was running
    To see my self, to hear that voice
    To smell the aroma and live my life
    My mom i don't know any thing about her
    Life they say it was dark and unsatisfying
    I remember her walking towards that night
    I saw some one with the moon light
    I think that was the last time when i cried
    For some one and i remember your hand was so warm and tight...
    Now i am running in this madness
    I see no one in my life
    May be this is the end....of my sacrifice
    Of course you were a witch
    I am not, hi did you erase my memories
    Of our life, i don't stand in front of this world
    I see my blue eyes i see you and i don't die....

    I mirrored my life one look in my eyes
    Now i want some blood in front of my eyes

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    2... Finally

    Looking for the answers in this night
    You are a fool who is never satisfied
    It's been rainy do you know way?
    Sun and moon are in the sky
    And yes they both cannot be together
    In any one's life this rain is tears so you can cry
    See my eyes are red and yes
    I feel to touch the sky
    Sun and moon both stand behind me
    And i see him
    Near my eyes i want go with that eyes it's better than paradise
    My questions
    I see my old self which was worst
    Now i see in his eyes
    And yes i want to go with him
    Hi, devil as i enter your eyes i see sea of madness , i see those tears in my eyes
    I am holding your hand to entire my life i am a witch this is my pride