• poetsummer 7w


    Sleep-deprived, dream denied
    Heavy-limbed and sticky eyed,
    Spirits flayed by a taunting whip
    Thoughts floundering lost like a storm chased ship,
    That’s tossed by a raging sea in the night Onto the jagged shores lying just beyond sight
    Of my unquiet mind, which has too much to say
    As it roils in the night and I reach for the day,
    My spirit rent and soul destroyed
    Seeking escape from this endless void suffered in tortured nights without rest,
    Longing for peace, finding only a test
    These minutes and hours chain me in hell.
    The only reprieve from the call of the bell
    Chiming at dawn on the break of a new day
    When still awake, I rise whether ready or nay.