• ruchi_m 60w

    Pain that never ends

    My fault I seek,
    I find it was nothing,
    But my innocence.
    My attitude was childish,
    And attire was ravishing.
    He came like a fox,
    As I'd heard in stories,
    Coverd with sweet words,
    Having a dagger in mind.
    I was fascinated,
    By his sober personality,
    I forgot that I'm having a sense.
    The sense that women have,
    The sense to behold the danger,
    I was in pain and was sighing,
    But no one heard my voice,
    In the drops of tears' rain.
    Everything has been ruined,
    I have to re-establish myself,
    The self I have to make strong,
    My soul should not cry.
    I beg for the power,
    To forget the past,
    It was the worst of life,
    It is lengthy and vast.
    I will be helped by Almighty,
    I am His loving child,
    He will hear all my problems,
    He will save me from all the danger,
    I believe in no one,
    But in God,
    He is my saver,
    He is my power.