• laus_deo 9w

    the coffee flushed pages
    of my journal reeks the
    relics of a medieval castle,
    the cramming words scribbled
    in a downpouring hush looks
    like a bombarded battlefield
    wincing at the blood-breathing war,
    a hefty snowstorm flicks out
    of the ocean liquidated pen
    when I hold its neck untying
    the monstrous story buried
    down inside my chest,
    thumping indecisively at
    the autumn dripping sun.
    they think they can understand
    but they fail every time to
    sneak cautiously at it's
    calloused edges from the
    corners of my lying eyes.

    a superstitious notion
    is as dangerous as a
    triggered phobia.

    a gratitude refilled heart
    is as lively as a
    newly bloomed hibiscus.

    a comforting positive self- talk
    is as surprising as an
    uninvited robbery.

    to thrive empathy and to unleash
    the magic taming in your heart,
    include your name while addressing
    yourself, catch the fireflies
    exclusively meant for you.

    what fires together wires together-
    don't let your negative way of thinking
    become an autonomous vehicle of your mind.



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    "Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion."