• pa_luck 10w

    What if love wasn't desperate enough to live,
    humanity would have taken over the ashes !


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    Disgust of Desperation

    The sanity seems skippable
    pushing prudence for paroles
    rummaging through the eclipses
    and halos won't suffice.

    A hat drops while bending over
    exposed creases, evacuated clefts
    drooling saliva through clenched teeth
    stating satiation of wiping off the rest.

    An itch, out of reach
    and nails growing inwards
    a transitory taste teases
    the tongue licking the losses.

    Subletting spaces
    tied to the outlines
    overhearing the smoke
    missteping over flint stones.

    A spur that hooks the flying skirt
    a reminder of being held before
    a flag of narrow escape
    that just counts as a breather.

    A respite of rebounds
    over a base of bubbles
    scraping the sniffs
    in a boulevard of breathlessness.

    A skip over line of resistance
    a rescue from, a remedy for
    a puzzled puddle of ballots
    nothing stays if not caught today.