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    Our 101th post had to be special. No? ��
    So here's a different kind of challenge.

    You have to find a budding writer, or someone who isn't recognized the way they should be and post a screenshot of their account on your wall.

    Tag with #findamirakeean

    -This user should not be a friend of yours, this should be someone unknown to the world of mirakee, new or old.-

    Everyone is amazing here, but for fun let's see who manages to find the best hidden poet. There will be only one winner. It'll be decided on the basis of different things, for example if the writer they posted is not a friend and if they checked out the other submissions and therefore other writers.

    The award is a surprise. ��

    This challenge was once done by Carolyn #carolynmam1
    Meet a mirakeean. See the hashtag to get an idea. (we've asked for her permission)

    Until then, here's a picture prompt for you : #picturec

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