• malikaaqib 88w

    Miss you Dadu

    Heaven has received another angel and sky another star.
    I know you can see me from a place that is far.

    I still enter your room thinking you are there,
    Then my tears begin to fall, wetness covering my ear.

    The barrier between us I sometimes want to cross,
    Even if that means everything else will be lost.

    My heart is heavy, I miss you a lot,
    The pain of your absence is ripping me apat.

    This pain I know transcends this wall created by death,
    You must be feeling it too, Even in heaven's breath.

    I write this for you, Dadu, as the tears roll down my face,
    A part of me has died, a part I can't replace.

    They called me to your bedside; it was time for you to fly.
    How could I fit a lifetime into a five minute goodbye?

    I sat and watched you drift away into an eternal sleep,
    The memories they cannot take; they're mine for me to keep.

    I can still recall your every word, many times they've been replayed,
    Your memories so warm, they'll never fade.

    I want you to know it is not yet a goodbye
    We shell meet again the day I will die