• yogesh_agrawal 66w

    The May

    May , The May end sorrow and tears
    Let the month brings happiness and pleasure
    The foregoing month gave lots of painful news
    May, The May now brings cheerful news
    The covid-19- comes to end
    And the economic of the country led
    May,The May send back people to offices
    No more lockdown and no viruses
    Schools and colleges runs as usual
    May,The May let students to make their future
    May,The May feed the empty stomach
    No more poor die with hunger and famine
    May, The May bring wonderful weather
    Morning sunrise, fresh air and calm night
    With the rise of sunshine on the morning
    May, The May bring message of hope and aspiration
    May,The May end the awful condition

    Happy 1st May and The Labour Day