• rodney 76w


    Nothing is easy to touch, nowadays.

    The way, I'm missing you in ways.
    All the days of the week stays—
    As they were left when you walked away.

    Walked away.

    I'm missing you and there's no road that can lead you back to me.
    Been thinking about love and eyes that we never use to see.
    See through the darkness overshadowed by our lights.
    Wrongs argued as they overthrow the rights.

    Rights of you being mine.
    Been ages since we've walked opposite on the same white line.

    If you cannot open up your heart and look for the best part between us.
    You cannot imagine the hurt that does nothing less.

    Weakened by the end of this rhyme.
    Feeling the despair of loving you as its own crime.

    This took me ten thousand minutes to write, share and stare at the crescent moon and never stop to whine.