• woodsorrels 12w


    They say flowers only bloom in spring
    In the sleeves of new grass
    Under the warm shadow of sun
    By the subtle surge of streams
    However, I don't agree
    Maybe the camellia and anemones
    Breathe and bloom in Maytime
    But, I have watched the dandelions,
    Scattering wings in autumn
    Crushing off the terror of spring,
    I have seen a snowdrop bathing in snow
    Holding heads high and feet light,
    I have felt the buttercups laughing winter
    The reds and oranges of autumn
    Kissing beds of corn-blooms
    The nights of December
    Strolling in togs of mahonia
    Invisible morns winking sun of purples
    White dusks talking the voice of lenten roses
    So tell me, O you, the buffs of spring
    Why can't the heat of autumn,
    Nuzzle the sprouts?
    And why not in the winter
    Two lovers can grow flowers?

    /Flowers- the only common thing in seasons
    Their only common love /