• _trivia 134w

    When it all ended

    I honestly don't believe that I'll ever be happy with someone:
    Because what I did with you was terrible and karma is looking over us.
    Because I won't find no soul who will love and care for me like you did.
    Because I have lost the capacity to feel and I just feel my heart hammering against my chest wall with no ounce of love.
    Because I'm laying with the guilt of breaking you and I don't know if I'll ever forgive myself for this.
    Because I felt you diving in deep and I did nothing to stop you.
    Because even if I made no promises, I went along the flow and probably made you expect more.
    Because even when I was with you I never let you breathe, there always was this lingering fear that I'd leave.
    Because there's nothing I can do to stop this, nothing that'll make you indifferent towards me.
    Because probably today I'm the sinner and even if we say all sinners are forgiven, we know they're not.