• vivek_utters 40w

    Just Another Night

    Hot tears running down my face
    decorating my pillows
    No one heard
    No one cared
    And I never shared.
    My hoarse voice blamed on a flu
    When someone asks after the sky turns blue
    My fluffy eyes told to be from oversleep
    No one confirms; from my mouth truth won't slip
    My headache, no one needed to know
    The pounding will stop after a minute or few
    Just one drug and I'll be fine as new
    Tears being ornaments I wear at night
    Long sleeved shirts so that my wrist won't be in sight
    Coz maybe that day I won't control those creepy thoughts
    And i would fail to save myself from what the demon quotes

    Dark colors embellish my soul
    Oh, how those nights are the hardest of all.

    Black heart beautify my soul
    Oh, how that night was the hardest of all