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    His Dream Killed Him

    Part 3 :

    The wholesome wishes coming from Dharun's friends, media, school, colleges were all washed away by tears of his family.
    Their sky in which they shined as stars was no more. The sweet box remained close along side the sweetest man of their family wrapped in clothes. Dharun had topped in studies but Fate had failed him. He went to depression because of this instance. He stopped preparing for NEET. He decided to stop his studies and decided to work to support his family. His success made him popular but his soul was a prisoner in the darkness of his heart. He missed giving NEET exam for the year and went to search the job. While his mother was working hard at garments to get enough money to feed the family, he was busy searching job. His dream was about to die completely until he ran into Dr Gupta one day in the market.
    Dr Gupta recognised Dharun instantly and heard what happened with his family. He said "Your father died while bringing sweets for your success. You leaving your dreams behind might be the last thing he want to see. Go and study. Being doctor isn't just a profession, Its a Service. Do that service which makes your father happy in afterlife"
    Dharun's 6th std memories rushed back like flood. The lock of the prison opened. His soul blossomed again. He decided to study. He decided to write NEET next year. He studied very hard.
    NEET results were out. He had cracked it. He dreamt his life to be good now. But little did he know fate has its own way of giving surprises......