• uchay_egwuatu 57w

    If I were to love you, dear one
    It wouldn't be with the rushed affections of one running out of time
    It would be with the gentle, sweet fondness of one who has eternity
    I would with every beat of my thumping heart, drum into the ears of all around reasons to envy us

    If I were to love you, my precious
    It would not be like the unsure fall of rain on a December noon
    It would be with the unwavering consistency of the rains in June, sure and certain that it is my time
    I would make sure to wet the garden of your heart with showers of my unrelenting passion

    If I were to love you, princess
    It would not be with the complacency of one who has gotten his way
    It would be intentional and with the deliberateness of one with an unending purpose.
    I would give life to the words, always and forever

    All because I love you,
    But I don't, at least not yet.