• windingpaths 13w


    They say,
    In the temples of gold and silver,
    The sky never falls.
    Perhaps, the floor never saw
    the milk and oil flowing to the unknown.
    A home where peace exists
    and a beggar shouts!
    Then comes a prayer from the heart -
    Some words, enough to bring peace to a prisoner,
    which one is it? I wonder and breathe out.


    They say,
    If love ever comes to you
    Never let it go,
    But if it leaves you after,
    never let yourself go.
    What a clever hunt of heart it is,
    From freedom - freedom - freedom,
    Yet, none was ever considered as a cage,
    Cage of loneliness to cage of happiness
    to the cage of heartbreaks,
    What a clever hunt, I must say!


    They say,
    Words taste bitter, sweet,
    sour and salty
    To the tongues,
    which lifts and experiments more often
    than the one to whom
    they are tasteless junk.
    Perhaps, to a mute child at the street
    of faults which he never walked.


    They say,
    Seasons speak of tomorrow,
    And knocks on each door
    for their welcome, but
    Old seasons speaks of yesterday
    to their new ones -
    of the water of oblivion they drank
    and shed leaves in the autumn.

    ~ Muskan


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