• _upasa_na_ 39w

    Not mine

    If you are reading this just for one last time also,can you promise me not to love again?
    It's so strange of me to always poke up my feelings for you again and again.
    But I got no more way to express my choked words just hitting me hard every time I find a way to forget.
    Why is that we count on happiness?
    You think it's for lifetime? No love, it isn't.
    Even if I try to get back you, ik what circumstances will always make me drop tears.
    Lately but surely I think I have healed a lot but , there's one part always that your soul won't let you heal.
    But that isn't your fault too. Why should I always blame you? Can I forget you by thinking something good about you? But that's so silly, I won't, because that would drive me once again to love you.
    My fingers keep trembling over for my hidden feelings to be expressed, but then there comes my Feb diaries, letting me stop again.
    And once again I choose hatred over love, even if i don't want, but not my fault too cause much for's, than against. It's like the competition between me myself with two different parts of a broken heart.
    One trying to love you again.
    One not letting even a single piece of goodvibe.
    We got fault in your thinking's, our love, our understandings, our possessiveness, our restrictions and that had completely closed a diary of a beautiful love strory forever.
    Cause unlike others, we thought of future more than living in the present and maybe time today has given you so much strength to be stronger than me , and I am loving the way you are hating.
    Don't worry love, not every one has good endings.
    But even though I couldn't be yours I am glad I could give a part of mine to you, that would always make me smile even through our pictures