• ba___la 51w

    *Stone Paper Scissor
    *Hand Cricket
    *Cricket with pad and crushe paper
    *Silly Fights
    *Ponn'oda thalaila kotrathu
    *Throwing Chalk piece
    *Throwing duster on eachy
    *Going train round by picking each of shirt back in varanda and in class room
    *Throwing stones on others while playing in ground
    *Tearing and leaving rocket when teacher is not on class
    *Writing the leader name on board,when he/she writes my name
    *Painting the pictures of leaders in books
    *Going to class without doing homework and will lie to teacher I had forgetto bring that
    *No matter what happens none will leave eachother.

    #schoollife #childhoodmemories #love #happiness

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    Million dollar memories

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