• quandu 66w

    So many people dream of galaxies
    And marvel at the magnificence of the stars
    They crave to travel into space
    And be one with such an intense beauty
    But if I told them that I have come face to face with such infinite beauty, they would call me a fool
    For on my bed, every single day
    Lies the most mesmerizing creature,
    Even more breathtaking than the galaxy itself
    Her eyes are the color of warm milk and fresh, sweet honey
    And whenever I stare into them
    I see paradise
    And when she smiles, they grow warm
    when she laughs, it means the world to me
    For her laughter is like an orchestra of every beautiful sound you have ever come across -
    Birds chirping in the trees, your favorite song, the smell of freshly baked bread ( chuckles)
    I can go on
    Her hair is jet black, it is like looking into nothingness
    Thick and spiraling in every direction
    Exposing her perfectly chiseled face the color of the earth after a rainy day