• imladyart 122w

    Not Always Sunny

    My body hits hard on the pavement whiplashing my head like a revolving door.
    My throat is swollen in agony, my body is piercing with a nagging heat secreting from my chest, limbs are useless as my legs and feet are no where to be felt. Nobody seems to see my hurt as I cry in the middle of the aisle of my own defeat asking God, " Why me?"
    I'm loosing my voice from puss filled caps, literally, as the burning is hitting me in the middle of my back.
    I soon find myself broken in half.
    One side says to let go as the other desperately tries to pull me together.
    The Ones I know look at me with grieving faces because that's all they're willing to offer for an action shot. Mouthwatering for succulent gore as they scream, "Get up or leave us alone!"
    So I laugh as the Joker inside me confused by the bewildered agony of two moving pieces never finding the right part.
    I've asked for too much Sunny days or maybe I hadn't even asked at all.
    Well it beats me until the day is dark and little honey is left to glue my back two-get-her right.
    Like today, on the pavement, my life doesn't really matter.