• anjani24_7 154w

    My Sun doesn't care about your Eclipse.

    I'll cast out the most prominent phenomena
    of friendship between us,
    and to tell you I don't fail on my vows and promises.

    It might surprise you that I didn't wrap myself in layers,
    cause trust me, I don't have patience for you to unwrap them.
    Layers of pride, ego, attitude and so on.

    Don't juggle up my feelings, they embrace my Sculpted Integrity.
    Don't trail over possibilities, why stifle for something not happened yet.

    I weaved your & mine or say mine and yours,
    Every moment, memory and misery into a beautiful incomplete imperfect Embroidery.
    I treasure it and I always will.

    I'll write letters to you with stamp on it,
    But won't post any,
    because I know you'll fail to appreciate ME, MY EFFORT and ME ONCE AGAIN !

    I behold your sight as a piece of mine.
    I can be the most virtual reality and the most real illusion,
    SIMULTANEOUSLY; Caution if you get tricked by them !

    Later you wanting, and me not looking back, won't be FATE
    It will be a reward to your deeds.

    I was ready to solve your puzzle,
    You were already everything you needed to be, NOT MINE TO FIX.
    The most wicked grid I would ever face,
    So LET ME.

    - AnjAni