• sunshower_ 9w

    Anuv Jain's Alag Aasmaan

    is a soft lullaby
    cuddling against the soft voice,
    making you feel like
    tucked inside the blanket
    like a baby, in the winters
    warm, safe and loved

    never gets old,
    ages like wine,
    falls like drizzle,
    swishes its wand
    and turns the corners
    of your lips upwards

    is a brave whisper,
    imbuing strength in you,
    there's strength in
    there's strength in crying

    is unlike all songs out there
    with lyrics so different,
    becomes your anthem
    the more you listen to it,
    and it seeps in the gaps
    of your bones
    you loved a little less

    is a hopenote
    sewed with beads of melody,
    and fabric of love,
    torn at the hems,
    stars of memories,
    and smiles of words

    is a poem coloured in
    blue and purple,
    with flowers sprouting out
    of its edges,
    a wallflower shushing
    a sunflower miles apart,
    turning hushed sobs to
    bouts of tears of laughter

    is an ode to lovers
    leaving their house
    to go to different places
    under different skies
    but sharing the same home

    is poetically
    a masterpiece
    dancing upon the strings of
    like a smile weaved on the
    tender aching parts of the sky,
    after a thunderstorm,
    shining like a rainbow

    24 Nov '21

    A wn repost on post about Anuv Jain's song. Damn. Made my day totally! @writersnetwork <3 it's the last thing I expected.

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