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    Coming up 8th September

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    We are physiotherapists

    Our field is our honor .
    Our yield is it's souvenir .
    We are in a race of finding our identity .
    We are in a trace of looking for it's creativity .

    We are learning to give people autonomy .
    May be ,We know the living means
    ''My choice"
    We are yearning to spell the cast of
    "I can walk"
    May be ,We know the limbs are most unique peddles .

    We are not born but we are chosen .
    We are not selected but we are created .
    We are not separated but we are distinguished .
    We are not just doctors but We are physiotherapists.

    We feel the excruciating pain of your dying hope.
    We feel the falling burden on your bended spine.
    We know you are the sole breeder .
    We know you are your family innovator .

    Come always on to our way .
    It is crafted smooth for you .
    Come always on to our door .
    It is polished clean for you.
    You know we don't let you free untill you are walking free.
    You know we don't put you on colorful medicines .
    Because God asked us your hands are people medicines .
    Therefore, We are not just doctors but we are physiotherapists .