• siddhant_scribbles 47w


    It is not the greatest risk, to decide on something and pursue it with all your might. To stop thinking about everything else and create a world within yourself where only that one thing matters. It could be, afterall, a step towards bringing your soul closer to its destination. A new door that this life form was supposed to open, to further nurture the immortal.

    Greatest risk is, when you have that door in front, and still you choose not to twist the knob. When the fear of not knowing what lies beyond keeps you from taking that step.

    Always remember, when it comes from within, it is always the right path for your soul. And absolutely no one is supposed to interfere with it.

    Gather all your might and open the door
    See what lies beyond, savour it
    What you experience next
    Had to be your learning
    Inner voices never lie!