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    I tried to mold the colors of life
    into many shapes I made even
    the bad impressions interesting
    by carving them on colored paper
    I scratched with my nails, those
    pictures of all colors, they were
    once a witness to the beauty of pain,
    But your soul that surrounded by ink
    could never know the importance of
    the colors of life

    I let the shape of life become like soil
    and stop deteriorating whenever the soil
    got wet, I stopped its flowing paths,
    the soil to be alive in the softness of
    your art remained silent there,
    but actually you never waited

    I do not know how many flowers I have
    decorated in your gardens as long as
    those flowers got love, every flower kept
    breathing themselves & you kept making
    flowers lifeless and threading them now
    the thorns of barren gardens prick you
    mercilessly because you kept on trading
    flowers but never knew the attraction of
    fragrance...when they alive