• so9ali 29w

    Hereby I want to share with you all guys that I am very very very glad that I have chosen this platform to share my feelings and to improve my writing skills..
    This is the only place where I can share my feelings and my thoughts without any hesitation... I can speak freely on any topic regardless the fact that people gonna judge me and it's a fact that #mirakee_writers don't spread any kind of negativity...
    And honestly I have never seen any type of negativity in this place... Here is so much to learn..
    All #mirakee_writers are very amazing people ...they always try to appreciate or try to improve other's��
    Literally I can share all my feelings , my mood swings and all my thoughts whether people like it or not.... But I am sure that here nobody is going to judge me or anybody
    #mirakee #mirakee_writers #heartlyvoice #writers_network #shwetadas #ifewrite

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    A THANKYOU note for MIRAKEE♥️