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    Well, Seriously I don't know whether I clarify this in a
    good way or not.. ��
    But I tried to give you some food for your thoughts!
    Obviously too Long it's»»»»

    “ �������� ���� ��������������������, ������������������ ���� ����������������”

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    Pain can be anything, I believe. Love, hatred, envy, hope, ecstasy, depression etc... Anything too less or too much of those can be painful. Quite simple story of pain. An emotion that's know to both the world.
    However suffering is a negativity. There can be no satisfactory justification for one's suffering often it's a more complicated cause.
    Pain is what you feel over something that hurts you like in a single stroke while suffering is choosing to dwell on it.

    For example : A mother feel pain at the time of the
    birth of her child, but suffer when she
    can't give birth a child. It means pain hits you straight it breaks you down, it makes you bleed, it makes you cry. It releases the inside out open. Suffering is an underrated monster. One soul could be burning . Your heart breaks into a thousands pieces.

    Pain is the blade stuck in your heart that constantly hurts and aches. Suffering is the consequence of pain , the blood that oozes out and stains not just you but also others around you.
    Pain has a voice but suffering is the process of silently bearing the pain
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    Pain can give you something better after you feel it, but suffering is like one is feeling dead even if he/she is alive as i mention in the example.

    Suffering is the seed while Pain can be the roots.
    They are both interrelated. Suffering is born out of pain yet pain continues to dwell on us when we're suffering. Sometimes it might be that pain is the outcome and suffering is the consequences.
    However, suffering is not always caused by pain rather our denial of accepting the pain.
    On the other hand, pain is a source for one's awakening whereas suffering can be a source of one's strength to endure. But if I'm to point that one thing that makes them different I'd say it's

    The way we perceive any matter perhaps a circumstance is how we choose to endure. Pain & Suffering are not always together but they are always near. It's upto oneself how they perceive in order to keep the distance between pain & suffering remain as it's.

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