• sphesihle 18w

    My Lucifer

    I was born free but now I'm a prisoner.
    Not in jail I'm in my own prison.
    My life has become hell,I'm my own devil.
    All i do is hurt people I've become so evil.
    Dark thoughts shouting and screaming.
    It's all dark it feels like I'm dreaming.
    My lucifer now terrorising my mind.
    I need help but they think I'm out of my mind.
    Being his acquaintance i do not mind.
    For i knew i was deep down in my mind.

    I was born crazy i just didn't know it.
    It's plain and simple,no need to sugar coat it.
    Let's be real,the real me is dope.
    This dark aura makes me high,
    No need to take dope.
    Let's be frank,i never did love Frank.
    His love was toxic it always stank.
    I'm a loner and I've become so lonely.
    I tried my best and now I've lost hope.
    Now all i need to go is one strong rope.

    I'm losing my mind and i can't cry.
    It feels so good i don't wanna lie.
    I'm in pain and it feels so good.
    I'm fed up i don't need food.
    My attitude changed all think im rude.
    I'm a better lover,I'm even sending nudes.
    My lucifer finally ruling his kingdom,
    I finally feel I've attained freedom.