• phoenicorn 165w

    28 Apr' 019
    01:34 A.M.
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    If you love when I stare you from my brown eyes that glisten with tears and if you love (like love one love not out of care or cause of being known for so long or cause you find yourself comfortable around me or cause you love talking to me or cause you think I understand you a lil' better than others but truly cause you love) me and If you’re hurting yourself by hurting me to go away from you because you think I deserve so much better. And if I left, A part of you will still do love me.
    Then, don't.
    Maybe just maybe you aren’t that bad for me as you think you’re and maybe there will not be anyone out there who could intentionally burn in self flames just to shoo away the moth made for him, to live.
    © Hira Khan

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