• rani_shri 30w

    Dear Long Distance Life,
    Umm, sorry I ain't writing
    About the video chat we did
    In these past days, but
    I'm gonna share today that
    What did i dream last night.
    My dreams are as weird as I'm.
    Do you remember, the very earlier
    I had told you that I'll go to my
    Native in few days and there
    I'll show you my big house &
    Everything around it, On the VC.
    In this dream, I saw that I'm at
    My native and having our
    Voice chat and there I'm
    Standing on my roof and showing
    You the scenario of it.
    Its the evening time,i guess.
    The one side is me the another side
    Is you,and nothing new.
    Just the place of our video chat had
    Been changed to somewhere else.
    I'm showing you the very big roof
    Of mine and the greenery that can be
    Easily seen and felt through my roof.
    That dream was different bcoz
    In reality there's not that much
    Greenery but in dream it's looking
    Very Rich and beautiful.
    And you know what, even I was
    In the dream but my another state of
    Mind was thinking that how is it
    Possible that the greenery in the dream
    Is totally different with the reality.
    And then I was showing you the
    Length of my big roof and telling you
    That more than 400 people can
    Stand here at the single time.
    Adjusting my phone to show you
    The perfect length of my roof.
    You're silently n smilingly watching.
    I don't know how the net speed was
    Fantastically running there..
    I guess you were in the blue tee.
    And before it I could show you
    Something else,I woke up.
    And when I woke up I was
    Laughing n smiling that oh God
    What dreams do I see,
    Even in dreams I'm having the
    Video chat only n nothing else.
    Though it was a description of
    The video chat that happened in
    My dream only, but, I wish
    Someday It's gonna be true
    When I'll go to my native and
    Show you my house and everything
    And even this too, that where was
    I standing in my dream..
    This is how I'll fulfill my dream.
    Hehe, how crazy na,Well
    Can't Wait Won't Wait.
    Your Long Distance Life...