• shaileshra 29w

    Brush's feeling

    Brush's feelings

    A painter imagined a sketch
    Of a beautiful damsel
    Held me with heart to trace
    His lively and fairy grace

    I was dragged in the canvas
    To put marks to her beauty
    Moved round to draw a face
    Then went to forehead

    Dipped in the black colour
    To make eyes with eyebrows
    Some shape of arch and long
    To make her proud and strong

    Again he put me for a pose
    I got a little friction for nose
    Walked more, bearing red hue
    Lip got their respect due

    I never distracted my mind
    To depict parts of any kind
    But my heart got some vibration
    While touched her lip's creation

    Tresses were flying with me
    Persuaded to complete beauty
    Of her resplendent upper part
    And be ready to progress the art

    I found myself in the neck
    With a promise to make
    Her heavenly and great
    Something sublime and fresh

    Gathered some heap of flesh
    To give her look of an empress
    When I touched her heart
    to shape her bosom part

    Bewitched with chiselled belly
    While I was brought to navel-alley
    And further forwarded to waist
    Thereafter to the hip to my passion test

    Moved a little down near to thigh
    My sensual feeling was so high
    Since I touched her inner part
    I forgot my existence and chart

    But somehow I awakened myself
    To save my life for artist's help
    Made high my level of concentration
    Never would I be in any attraction

    So, fastly I gave her finish touch
    Put anklet and bells in the feet
    Finally, I watched her every bit
    Then went to chick for pinky hue
    And lastly I bid her adieu.

    By shailesh----