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    God's Own Territory

    Discover me in the woods near the wind
    Where the clouds dance and conifers sing
    Rolling sticks, the green leaves and grass
    Riverside ranges and the cows in mass

    O' the summer-showers by the sandalwood
    Spring scents here the autumn's sainthood
    Robed in ivory the almond and walnut trees
    Apple picking and the cardamom breeze

    Dawn to dark the verdant air hue
    This whole place; no strange to you
    Quiet wanders here in the daylight
    Clean sleep, clean sky, the clean night

    O' the trends and the turns of the township
    Where the seasons happen to have no tip
    Sooty flavours, the clashing cacophony
    Market lights, street fights, mind ebony

    Come with me and be my love
    Where Blue-tits dabble with dove
    Where happiness is an activity
    And the land, God's own territory