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    Turning 20 this 2020

    Im excited, nervous and happy all at the same time. It is like a mixed feelings and I can't predict but you know Im just going with a flow. I wanted to share few thoughts on this day.

    1. Age is just a number as true as they say, I can't believe Im 20. Legit! I feel I do hold a heart of kid, super sensitive. I still watch Shinchan and Mr. Bean. Cry a lot. Doodle weird stuffs. I always demand Ice cream from my dad. (That too the specific magnum chocolate bar) My eyes still lit up with icecreams, balloons and chocolates.

    2. Im officially 20 today and I still don't know how to drive a car. (My parents are super concerned with my impulsive behaviour they would prefer dropping me in car or appoint a driver than letting me take the car) I can't cook well and I hold a biggest stage fear. (But you know what Im lil bit working on all the spheres)

    3. I feel and Ive mentioned several times in this app that I was and still am a migraine patient and had severe deppresion during my early teen years. I guess I should not been so rigid on myself.

    That feeling of embracing has came very late to me when I was 19, I wìsh I was fearless and cared less about opinions. (Folks listen to your heart but when it comes to carrier then do listen to your parents and experienced people)

    4. Friends.! This word itself sound so secure and comfortable. No matter how old you get Real friends will stay in touch with you and others will fade away with time. Family is important no matter what! Surround yourself with them, love them, make memories with them because you don't know what life is going to bring things towards you or maybe it would be your last day on this planet.

    5. At the end I would say, Live a little.
    Don't overthink of future, for now be happy. Do what you like, make your day a bit productive.

    I want to heartly thank this app and people whom I call angels because you guys supported and were there for me when I needed the most. Never in my life I thought I'll recieve love from Virtual world.

    I've successfully aced my teen years and sad that my mistakes won't be counted and forgiven easily emtionally as well as legally because that is only valid when you're a teen. Lol. ��

    Im feeling blessed,��
    I aim to be a much better person than ever. I really want to say yes to every opportunities which will lift me up. Im excited to learn more, evolve more in this journey. Buckled up to meet people more. Im turning more of my attention to Almighty because that's my meditation zone and spiritual peace. I look forward for being more positive as well as critically observing all the communications, social areas and negative things. I've set goals to wake up early, eat healthy, be in touch with constant exercise, do savings more keenly and above all embrace myself and love my parents a bit more.

    Thanks for being with me in this journey.
    Sending my hugs and kisses, xoxo

    As I always say, Stay blessed angels������

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