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    This poem is written from the POV of a woman who lost her child by miscarriage.

    Saudade- (noun) a sad state of intense longing for someone or something that is absent

    #Quiet #wod

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    S A U D A D E :

    Her womb turned into
    a loathsome graveyard
    when the fetus lost its
    existence inside her,
    and the days replaced by
    some washed up quietude
    while listening to
    the cradle songs of winter.

    Her favourite sandwich
    looked like a rotten hushpuppy
    and the winter seemed
    as the feathers of fire,
    while she again searched
    for the unclothed child
    and wanted to hide it
    beneath her cerulean quagmire.

    The pink cradle was still
    gazing towards the arrival
    but the off-season rainstorm
    uprooted the lustre grain,
    she was cursing silently
    and urging for the life
    but the withered daffodil
    could not bloom again.

    Everything became soundless
    and then became inaudible
    but she wanted to scream
    and shriek for her child,
    and those toys, she bought
    them with keen delirium
    now stabbing her clavicle
    with a whetted knife.