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    S o m e. W a y s. T o. G e t. P e r f e c t. L o v e.

    Life is a destiny, with journey called fate, bonuses like cars or bikes called luck, on the ROAD(S) called LOVE, while trying to decode Kenshō, that is supercoiled in our DNA, that needs to be decoded, to be known. Not every spirit ends up dying. Some end up living. Living in ukiyo of dreamland or in latibule or after working on dreams and making them come true. We travel on the road with same amount of rocks (memories), same amount of flowers (milestones) and same amount of thorns (sacrifices). The fernweh of reaching love makes you forget that you need to reach life before death.
    Dotage receives rocks, newborns and children receive flowers and matured humans, adults receive thorns mainly.

    God lays these different ways for us to acknowledge them. Their use in our life is to get rid of destinesia. Once you reach your destiny, life disguised in death, you forget the roads and your choices. Sacrifices are choices. Pairing with others is a choice. Love is a road. Be grateful for birth and life.

    The King and The Monk receive same roads. Monk knows to walk alone and clear the roads for others to walk without thorns. But the king, a bohemian, USES chariots, children, wife, his kingdom and his people, and wants only flowers forgetting he needs to take those thorns (difficulties, sacrifices and wars). A monk never complains or feels lonely on thorns. While it's the opposite for the King. Find what's real and what you need. Don't regret any choice and don't forget any promise you made. They were all made by a YOU.

    Dead receive more easy way of love. They're ALONE. The ataraxia accompanies them. While the alive need to accompany the living to walk, some esoteric. Once you walk alone and join others, you can't leave them behind.
    Some flowers don't need to be mentioned. Women and world encourage always. They give strength, they're the catharsis in every form of life, a daughter, a mom, a sister, a grandmother. The way every stage of "Seven Ages", you crawl in love, stand in love, walk in love and run in love. Women seem fragile and despicable to some. But that way, if you leave them behind, who's gonna take those thorns for you?

    Every season gets some bonuses. Some winters get you warmth. Some summers get you relief. Some rains connect with your tears, get your epiphany back and some autumns remind of love, heartbreaks and conflicts. A saga of memories. Metanoia to get known with your fake and your real self. Find yourself.

    Love ain't in the air. It's a path. You're a flaneur seeking solitude in company.
    You need to be a spirit of heavens to seek company in solitude, a real traveller.
    I T. H E L P S. !

    © thesunshineloves

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    Don't regret or forget any choice or promise.
    They were all made by a YOU.