• unknown_inks 193w

    Don't you feel sorrowful when you see a person/woman on a street holding her child begging all over the street!?

    The vibes,
    The empathy,
    The fellow feeling,
    The readiness to lead support out of kindnes.

    Common isn't it!!?

    You should know the fact that you can make a person study a year in school by paying around rs100 (approximately)

    You should be also knowing your mankind in terms of money feeds them ONLY ONCE!!

    Do you really want to feed them out of affinity or make them finger out the value of education and to earn for life time?

    I don't blame beggers for begging.
    I oppose the one who inspires them
    I oppose the one who motivates them
    I point you for helping them in terms of money!

    I demand not to help
    I request to educate

    Once a begger is educated he neither begs nor lets his entire family tree beg.

    Contribute for education you'll not just make a person educated but the country educated!


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