• eldeesama 38w

    You dey fear
    Because of wetin people go hear
    To love you no b crime
    You no be small girl
    You dey your prime
    I come for you because you b nice woman
    I no be omen
    I no be abiku
    I no be like any other man
    I am here to stay
    I no rush you
    I dey patient
    Despite say you dey really study patients
    I dey wake up make God see me
    No be to see only me ooh
    My worry just plenty
    I table am for God to see
    You b my priority
    That is why I seek for higher Authority
    I know say God go make am work
    No fear abeg
    Eldee no b chameleon
    But na lion inside ur heart
    Armiyau Salami