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    One rainy day

    Ok so I never believed in ghosts and paranormal stuff , but 2 months ago something happened that changed my perspective,
    this incidents can't be called haunting but it's creepy AF,
    So a little bit of back story,
    I come back from my college around 6 or 7 o'clock every day, a part of the path through which I come back is quite deserted, although this path is close to the railway station, yet there are very few people on it, there's a railway track on one side of it And on the other side there is an old abandoned factory, I have known this road for many years, many times I have passed through this place alone at one o'clock in the night but I never felt afraid, or never felt anything strange.
    So it is about March, on the way back home, I often noticed a little girl around this road,
    She used to play like any normal child, many homeless people used to live at the railway station, I thought that she was one of them , she used to look poor due to her clothes, she used to play/sit/run under an old peepal tree near the boundary wall of the factory (the factory was covered with green), It seemed Normal so I never gave it a second thought until on 22nd March,
    So it was raining and it was about 7 pm when I reached this place it was already dark and there's just one sodium lamp of this 100m stretch of the road , I was already soaking and sneezing , so I tried to walk as fast as I could keeping an eye for any pothole, but as I lift my head to look at the road I notice someone standing about 40m ahead of me under the lamp, it was the same girl just standing there looking at me , I though wtf she doing here in the rain, so I walk toward her and shout "yaha kyu khadi ho choti?" ,No answer , I thought she couldn't hear me due to the the wind , I walked even closer and looked at her .....And I just froze for a second , she wasn't wet at all , all of the rain drops were passing right through her and she was translucent I could see the pole through her,
    So now I was already in the middle of a heart attack but I didn't stop or run I just shifted my gaze to the road and kept walking , my hands were shaking crazily (idk if it was the cold or the fear), I didn't dare to turn around and look at her,
    But as I reached the end of the road I looked back and she was still standing there , motionless, I ran back home and wasn't really able to sleep that night.
    I try to avoid that place as much as I can now,
    There have been similar incidents with other people, some say they saw an old man some say they saw a women etc.